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Pepsi Food Manufacturers complaint 176666
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I just found what looks like a wad of balled up paper towel in my pepsi max. Didt see it till i turned it for the las swallow. Not sure what it is but im freezing it and contacting pepsi about it. It was disgusting to say the least.

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Please bring back Max. Pepsi zero is NOT the same ( even though the online rep said it was the same formula....NOT). We drank about 4 to 6 cans a I can't give it away....not just us, but our friends (who would grab a can as soon as they walked in). Upside, I'm drinking more water....downside, we'll be taste testing Coke and Dr Pepper. You've lost quite a few customers here in Las Vegas. It's up to you whether or not you get us back.... Read more

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Whats up with this new pepsi max??? Im diabetic and found this to be the only pop i can tolerate. It was wonderful! Then i went to walmart purchased my usual 10 2 liters at a time. I had a glass. Couldnt get past the smell. I opened all ten bottles they all stank. Smells like baby vomit! All ten bottles i gave to my father in law figuring i was getting sick. He called me wanting to know what in the *** i gave him. He said it smelled nasty. Ive... Read more

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My family, and friends are all pasionate Pepsi consumers for 3 genarations. However, as a Trump supporter it is very sad that your CEO has express her political views. Although it is important to express our view and I respect her for doing so. I think it could have been done in a different platform. Therefore, we will now express our views of how we feel. Remember there are more then half of America voted for Trump. Maybe all of us will stop... Read more

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  • Nov 08
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I don't know what happened to Pepsi. Are used to buy Pepsi Max he clearly said Pepsi Max on the carton now it's basically Pepsi zero which is zero , don't like the change bring back Pepsi Max !!

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will stop buying pepsi it taste bad , was a fan for years but not any more ,gave it away don't need a hundred word to say how bad it taste and well not buy any mor pepsi products of any kind and I WOUND BUF COKE , i WILL buy the store brand,it tatse flat and leaves a bad taste in your mount. I will say it a gan will not buy the pepsi brand any mor was drinking it for more the thirty years and will not drink it again . So I will be saying good... Read more

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  • Oct 30
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Pepsi 0 sucks. I want Pepsi max had a nice little energy quitting Pepsi until they bring "MAX" back.

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I love Pepsi Next. I didn't realize I was drinking a soda made with a Stevia blend. I look for it every where and it's hard to find. I wish my local grocery store Krogers would carry it again. I would rather drink something that has more natural sweeteners in it. Pepsi True would have been nice to try but it never made it to my area. I think you need to give it a chance before you pull it off the shelves. Stevia is gaining in popularity. I buy... Read more

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  • Oct 21
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The new Pepsi Zero is very good I think it would be good for people tht dont need the extra sugar

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Pepsi Max was Max. Pepsi Zero tastes like dirty water!
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Did PepsiCo hire the genius who created "New Coke" or is someone in their marketking department intentionally saboutaging the company? In my humble and 12 cans a week opinion, Pepsi Max had LOTS more "fizz" and flavor to it. I could even drink half a can, cap it, put in my fridge and drink the rest hours later. With Pepsi Zero, it seems to go flat and tastes bland in minutes! Think I'll call my broker and buy some Coca Cola stock tomorrow and on... Read more

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