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  • Oct 21
  • #940562

The new Pepsi Zero is very good I think it would be good for people tht dont need the extra sugar

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Pepsi Max was Max. Pepsi Zero tastes like dirty water!
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Did PepsiCo hire the genius who created "New Coke" or is someone in their marketking department intentionally saboutaging the company? In my humble and 12 cans a week opinion, Pepsi Max had LOTS more "fizz" and flavor to it. I could even drink half a can, cap it, put in my fridge and drink the rest hours later. With Pepsi Zero, it seems to go flat and tastes bland in minutes! Think I'll call my broker and buy some Coca Cola stock tomorrow and on... Read more

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Had problems with 12pk pepsi cans only half filled, sent me to an address not working. These big companies can't even put there address on there product so you can contact them, they don't want you to contact them. Can't get ahold of a real person anymore. Bought a 12pk reg pepsi and 5 out of 12 were half full, tried to contact them and there reply infor was wrong, kept sending me to a blank page. I've dranked pepsi for nearly 50 years now and... Read more

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  • Oct 08
  • #933465

Why can't I find pepsi max...pepsi zero is not the same

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Couldn't find pepsi max anywhere; did some research and saw pepsi changed things up again. the new pepsi zero sugar sucks. I used to get upset when stores didn't carry pepsi products. Not any more. I guess water is better for me after all. I thought Pepsi Max was endorsed by many; Pepsi should start listening to the consumer. Maybe their stock would be worth more. Just the name was common knowledge. When I asked for pepsi max, people got it. Now... Read more

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This is not diet Pepsi. It didn't have that crisp flavor. Still tastes more like current diet Pepsi. Not fooling me! Read more

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Has anyone tried the Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend that's suppose to be the old classic version of Diet Pepsi with aspartame? I bought a 12 pack this week. I was so excited to have my drink back -- a nice cold, crisp, light taste of the old diet pep I remembered -- and boy was I disappointed. This classic blend tastes like just that -- a blend of both diet pepsi versions. Pepsi has lost me for good. That know nothing CEO Nooyi should have... Read more

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  • Sep 19
  • #921790

I'm not digging the Pepsi Max / Pepsi 0 hijinks - they're not the same, Pepsi 0 sucks! Change it back, please.

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This Crappy New Stuff aid DISGUSTING!!! Bring back Siera Mist! Read more

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The taste is different! I wish the company would stop changing their products taste!! I really liked Pepsi One. What happened this was discontinued! So I chose Pepsi Max. It was OK but it wasn't like Pepsi One! Now Pepsi is changing once again!! The taste has changed between Pepsi Max & Pepsi Zero. Why does this keep happening? I keep hearing that sales are what causes a product to be discontinued but so many people voice their anger when this... Read more

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