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I usually drink water but on occasion love an ice cold Pepsi or Coke.About three months ago while in line at Walmart I grabbed a Pepsi out of the case got out to the car open it took a big taste and spit it out it tasted like I've been poisoned like bug repellent.

About a month-and-a-half later I bought another Coke or Pepsi and it tasted exactly the same really really bad I thought that something was wrong with me that somehow my taste buds have changed because other people seem to be drinking it without noticing.Today I went to lunch and I ordered a Coke and again it was so bad this time it was a fountain drink same taste each time very very bad I told the waitress that I thought something was wrong with my taste buds and that I couldn't drink Coke or Pepsi anymore because it tasted so bad I came home and decided to Google it and surprise I'm not the only one I will never ever buy that stuff again because there is definitely something very wrong with it.


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