Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Both my thumbs and pointing fingers have calluses from opening 12 oz bottles of diet Pepsi. The current design of the bottle caps are anti customer friendly when opening the bottle.

I purchase anywhere from 6 to 8 eight packs of 12 oz diet Pepsi 0n a weekly basis.Both hands, especially the insides of my thumbs have sores on them from the bottle caps. I would like to know what the overall feedback is from Pepsi and how many other complaints have been filed. I would also like to know the plan from Pepsi on how they will re-design the 12 oz bottle caps.

I will wait for a response and then decide if I need to file a complaint with a consumer agency to move my complaint on.

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This is an old post, but, I had the callous problem also. I keep a small pair of pliers in the kitchen drawer.

That works. But, cans taste like cans, so, I buy the bottles. And I switch from Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke as the mood hits me. And, yes, Pepsi is the worst to open.

Try also a piece of the lacy rubber things that you can use to open jars. That might help.


I too have a painful calus on my thumb from opening 16oz diet Pepsi


Wow.. people on here are ***.

It's the internet. I've seen worse questions to *** about.

Anyway, although this post is old, I just came across it so I'll post my answer. I recently bought pepsi bottles for the first time in years.

Suddenly my boyfriend and I realized they are IMPOSSIBLE to open. What I did was run the cap under hot water for about 10 seconds, hit the cap on the counter a few times, and *** down on the sides of the cap where the plastic ring and cap meet.

I heard pressure being released from the bottle and bit the cap on the other side. Opened right up.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #682249

Switch to cans!

WHY do American's complain about the dumbist things.

If you don't like it, don't buy it.

Seattle, Washington, United States #655465

What a *** complaint, are you so alone and bored in life that this situation *** you off. Next time you can't get a cap off just pass it to a small child I am sure they won't have a problem.

Seaside, California, United States #611876

HAHA, you need to drink less soda, period. I recommend cutting back to a couple bottles a day rather than a pack. Are you overweight?

to pepsi fan Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #921730

Well...since it DIET Pepsi, you don't need to be an a$$ and ask if she's overweight! Even if she is, she can always lose weight, but you will always have an ugly soul!


You must have nothing better to do with your life.


I had the same problem with Diet Pepsi, so I switched to Diet Coke.

FYI, the plastic bottles do not open with a bottle opener, the plastic cap twists off.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #588980

Yea, everyone carries a bottle opener around with them all the time. Really?

These things are DESIGNED to supposed to be opened by hand.

And just so you know - ALL the coke products plastic bottles open very easily. Pepsi - most all of theirs are very difficult to open (the 24 ounce bottles are TERRIBLE).

How's this for an answer - PEPSI, redesign your plastic bottles.

Problem solved.


Does anyone else think this is dumb? I'm a fifteen year old girl, and I'm sure I could sit around and open bottles all day without complaining of calluses and sore hands..

and why don't you just get a bottle opener?

Problem solved! \^-^/


Use a bottle opener. Problem solved.


Two words for you...bottle opener!


If the 12 oz. bottles are so difficult for you to open, why don't you buy the 12 oz.


Problem solved. Myself I prefer cans over bottles because the canned soda gets colder than the bottles.

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