There are two truths common to all of us. We want to be healthy and we want money. Most often, the two truths are reflexive. If you want to be healthy you need money and if you want money you need to be healthy. Ultimately, happiness is the end goal. And yes it is true that money cannot buy happiness, but in a capitalist society with waged labor it does buy wholesome food, pleasant living, and whatever else one might desire, which all contribute to a peace of mind and for most, happiness and well being. Marketing and advertising of the 21st century aims at those truths and makes many promises to its buyers in order to sell them something. Deception is a danger to health and wealth, because it is so difficult to uncover and we might be too consumed in maintaining those two truths that such goes unseen. A visual stimulus can make a person vulnerable to such deception that we see well in false advertising. We tend to believe bold statements without question due to the nature of their representation (but they are just too good to be true all too often). But should we continue, knowing how much misleading, deceptive, and false presentations of the truth are currently within our world?!

Take Naked Juice for example. On September 27th, 2011 the Naked Juice Company was sued by a class action lawsuit with over a hundred plaintiffs, in the Central District of California, for its thoroughly false and misleading marketing on the labels of the Naked beverages. Their lies went as far as to claim the juices have no GMOs, were “All Natural”/”100% juice”, and even depicted which fruit of what amount went into the specific flavor of the juice. Naked Juice Company admitted their knowledge that their juices contained GMOs and were almost entirely made of synthetic, unnatural, ingredients. There is a huge disconnect between consumer knowledge and the company’s knowledge by the information that is so boldly represented on every label of every juice sold. All the vitamins contained in these beverages have been chemically engineered and are not the naturally occurring vitamins found in fruits. Our bodies deal differently with synthetic vitamins and have to work out a different system to digest them, which puts a greater stress on our bodies. Also, all Naked Juice products are made with soy lecithin and soy protein. The only way to process soy currently is by using GMOs and an extensive chemical process. The thick and fresh appearance of every Naked beverage is also due to a synthetic ingredient. Amongst a long list of other ingredients deemed synthetic by the FDA, Naked products contain ascorbic acid which is a chemical preservative.

Deception here is driven by money. One of the very truth that is important to us is important to the company. The company, however, made the choice to sacrifice our health as well as our trust in their product to make us believe their false promises and to gain our business. Moreover, the false promises are led by a hefty price the company wants for their beverages. We are losing our money as well as the well being of our bodies. That in and of itself should make us very skeptical of all the other products we consume daily. Yes, one might argue that we have no power to change that, but this is far from the truth. We do have a lot of power starting with the dynamic of supply and demand, which is at the heart of capitalism. Those who uncover the truth among the lies inform others as is the case in the lawsuit against Naked Juice Company. With such information in mind we can stop buying from those companies who have failed our trust. If there is no demand the company has nothing to supply. These falsely marketed companies will then be forced to be honest, a timeless virtue. We must, therefore, keep our eyes, ears, and minds wide opened because a conscious consumer is an intelligent consumer.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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