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Pepsi Cola has felt the need to eliminate "..under God..." in the printing of the Pledge of Allegiance that is posted on the side of the cans of "Patriotic Pepsi". Pepsi reports that they eliminated this phrase to keep from offending the 2% of the country that does not believe that a God exists.

What about the other 98% of us? Many of us (including myself) are offended by this modification in our Pledge of Allegiance that Pepsi seems to be propagating.

We can all vote with our feet.

For me, I won't buy Pepsi until this wound is healed.

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This is a FALSE statement and just another urban legend. Do your research before you post lies

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #795703

so many things wrong with this above statement. for one, of course this is just total ***.

and second, the population of atheist in this country is a-lot bigger then 2 percent.

Times that number by 10. Its growing everyday, i would say 80 percent of all atheists are under 30.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #590193

I agree with sessa. Go to and look it up.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #590168

You are a f**cking ***. There has NEVER been a Pepsi can produced with the Pledge of Allegiance on it.

It's a long running urban legend that only idiots who can't use Google believe.

Where do you get your news? FOX?

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