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Why do I see a can that has 9/11 very disrespectful content. 2 towers and an airplane and on of towers has a star snowflake on the tower where a plane struck.

One of the towers is shorter than the othere one like it is falling. I have been a pepsi lover since birth but what the heck is this? When i was little I was taking my dad's pepsi since i could crawl. This is hurting many of my friends and family.

Some people I know never want to buy pepsi products again.

not a very happy customer. WHY?

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Reflection in the water should be a giveaway that its not WTC. If you'd ever been there you'd know there's no water near WTC. Closest is at least a HALF MILE AWAY.


This picture makes me absolutely sick to my stomach who ever designed this can knew EXACTLY what they were doing and trying to say and laughing at Americans the entire time


HI All - I work for PepsiCo in Chicago, IL USA. Here is the real story...

We understand from some of our consumers that a Diet Pepsi can designed and sold in the Middle East portraying the growth of active regional cities has been misinterpreted. We are sorry that some people found this design insensitive, which was never our intention as the graphics on this can were inspired by the Dubai skyline. As soon as this matter was brought to our attention in October, we immediately stopped production of the can and took action to change the design.

The new can, which features an abstract design, is already in the Middle East market. All old designs will be replaced over the next few weeks.




Maybe someone in the manufactoring process in Dubai had the idea of a "Two finger salute" to the Western Occupation of Eraq .... If you stop to think about it .....

Very cleverly done! .... Pepsi is an Iconic American Trademark .... A drink almost exclusively drunk by the American troops ...What better way to say "UP YOUR'S AMERICA" ....

How long have they been able to get away with it?

..... I bet they have been "Laughing up their Sleeves" at us for ages !

to Logic #986578

Sorry logic, but your logic is incorrect, coke is the prefered drink of us American"troops".


Sorry Danny...didn't see your comment until I entered mine.


Ever think it might be the skyline of Dubai?


Anyone that thinks this can depicts the 9/11 attack is completely ***. It's the Dubai skyline, with a plane flying over it.

Hey, guess what?

Many cities all over the world have towers of equal height (not unlike the ones depicted on the can, that also happen to look nothing like the wtc). And you know what else? Airplanes fly over them.

Deal with it. If this can offends you, you have the ignorance and sensitivity of a child.


give it a rest. its not NY. the plane is ABOVE the buildings.


Yes it's real. A friend of a friend just got back from Iraq and he saw one firsthand


I am a pepsi drinker... well I was!!! That made me sick


Is this can real? I heard that it is sold in Iraq. If this is true, it's done in poor taste and I hope someone sues pepsi BIGTIME.


I guess this is a reflection of the lack of respect you have for human life.


Why??? That is all that can come to mind...

why??? Is this really real??


pepsi shpild be ashamed of this i will never buy pepsi agin


You have an active imagination.


I believe it is NYC...there is even a reflection of the towers like in water. Joke or not...not cool

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