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Diet Pepsi cans exploded in refrigerator.

So all things in the refrigerator were messed up.

When our family heard that sound, it seemed like sound from gun shot. So I tried to figure out what's happened.

After that I looked at outside the house through window.

And then I opened the refrigerator accidentally, I found that cola ice flakes are spread out over the inside of refrigerator.

The temperature of refrigerator was stable.

I don't understand what was going on.

Can explosion?

I ask response to pepsi about this happening.

I usually enjoy the diet pepsi.

Does it happen a lot?

I never enjoy again pepsi.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of pepsi cola diet pepsi and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1000. Pepsi needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Same thing just happened to us. One can of Diet Pepsi exploded whilst the other 6 cans of sodas (coke, sprite, Mug) were fine.

An adjacent can of Diet Pepsi was frozen though not exploded despite it has only been in fridge, not the freezer. Odd but true.


I meant diet Lime Pepsi.


Year old diet like Pepsi did this in my pantry. No way it was too cold.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #1243083

Paranormal experience is all

South San Francisco, California, United States #1131521

Diet soda will kill you. You are lucky you did not drink it.

Valencia, California, United States #1127994

Im guessing this was in the back where it got too cold and frozen or you let the cans get too hot before you put them in. Either way you get soap, water, and a rag and clean up the fridge and its over with.


There's no way this cause you to lose 1000$ lol


You ever heard of expanding liquids? Jesus lady, you sound idiotic.


Did you have it in the very back of your fridge? Things sometimes freeze if they are in the back of the fridge.

When things freeze they expand which can cause then to explode. It happens.

No one's fault. No reason to be angry at Pepsi.


Wow, you ain't smart fro freezing your sodas but you got very expensive groceries! $1,000 in losses from a Pepsi can in the fridge? I needs to be gettin' some of them eats!


Who are you mad at? Diet Pepsi?

Guess what: soda's explode when you put them in freezing temperatures.

You obviously put it in the freezer, since you even mentioned there was soda/ice flakes everywhere. (lol)

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