During the holiday season you came out with diet sierra mist cranberry splash.It was the greatest!

Now I am told you are only going to have it at the holidays. EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY while you are drinking this! I am going all over the place looking for it in the 2 liter bottles, and 20 oz bottles. If you know of any retailers that have it left in the Omaha area, please let me know.

Pleaseeeee. You need to keep this out all year. Since I am mainly a diet coke drinker, you are winning my bucks right now with this. There is no caffeine and it is so refreshing.

As you can tell this is not complaint, just asking for information.I am drinking one right now - yummmmmmmmy

cm (hockeygrandmazn@msn.com)

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Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #1249741

I remember the diet grapefruit.. tasted like freaca...now it is gone as well.....sigh...

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #1249740

i agree..I too am looking for the diet sierra mist cranberry..

people know it is a soda and soda makes you burp.. we that like it so much should not be punished for it.. just those that it bothers..

do not drink and allow us to have it..no other diet soda with cranberry is the same as the sierra mist diet with cranberry.


I agree been looking and cannot find bring it back

Denver, Colorado, United States #627541

my brother introduced this to me over a year ago. it's the ONLY thing i drink besides Diet Pepsi. BRING IT BACK PERMANENTLY.


This soda is amazing! Sierra Mist can't possibly be selling that many units of the regular stuff. Please bring it back.

Not Fussy
Bangor, Maine, United States #591398

I, too, purchased Sierra Mist Diet Cranberry and everyone loved it. NOW I find out it is a seasonal product! I think it would have been nice if they had advertised it as such.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #588545

almost every person I know loves this pop but I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly love this pop and i already cant find any anywhere in the minneapolis area cmon we enjoy this you would sell it like crazy why not give us a pop we enjoy, this is the only pop I have ever truly realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly loved to drink


Found it at Walmart in Lucedale, MS. YUMMY!!


i love the regular seirra cranberry mist.

it is the best soda i have tasted


Should I even bother getting use to drinking it...they keep taking all the flavors away that I like..

The grapefruit kind was the best.. only diet pop I drank.. I can only drink diet after I had gastric bypass and now I had to be a good girl and drink water n crystal light!! but a pop is nice sometimes..

do I bother getting use to this new one? *** me off.. mountain dew did that *** to me to!!! with the strawberry melon diet drink..

stopped makin it!!grrrrrrr

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