Orlando, Florida

This past weekend I purchased a case of Pepsi and Mountain Dew! We had some of both in a cooler w/ice to keep cold.

As they were drank we proceeded to replace so drinks would stay cold and ready to drink. We attempted to replace in cooler as I said, at this time 1 of the cans literally exploded in my granddaughters hand! I have said can. After this happened she (20yrs old) attempted just to open 1 to pour over ice and at this time the pop top exploded outward.

I have this can also. Had this been a younger child there could have been severe damages. They were purchased at Walgreens in Vero Beach Fla. At the corner of 58th and Highway 60(20th St).

The info on the carton case is (Feb 15 16) and the number under that was(1007E505155) and the proof of purchase number is (1200080994).I do hope your complaint department realizes how dangerous this misshape could have been had it not been a young adult opening these cans. My name is Brenda McKinney. I would appreciate some form of acknowledgement to this complaint. My address is 7000 20th ST Lot 986 Vero Beach Fla 32966.

My e-mail is brendamckinney46@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time and as I said I have BOTH cans to back up this complaint.

I do hope I hear from a Pepsi rep. Being 63yrs old don't want to stop drinking my DOC!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just had a can explode like a dang gun shot. Made me jump and do a body scan.

Cut my thumb. Sept 17, 2019.

I took pics and saved the can. Now I'm afraid to open the rest of a dang 36 pack.


This just happened to me last night palm of my hand hurts and is swollen


Got a can of diet pepsi that I left on the floor. I opened it later like any other can and it made a loud gunshot sound.

When I opened my eyes I saw myself falling through the quantum realm with ant-man. We both shared extremely surprised looks until he attached something on me and I expanded back into my computer chair.

My ears are ringing and the top of the soda can is ripped open and tab is missing somewhere. I think antman took it.


I just had a can labeled May 04 20 and serial 2349E908029 explode when the tab was lifted. not the first time it has happened as last summer I had a number of cans from the same 12 pack literally explode while taking it out of the box.


Same thing just happened to me in Summerville SC. Pepsi pop top can barcode: 12000 16313 just went off in my hand like a gun shot. The force hurt my hand, hand still sore and the sound scared the *** out of my wife.


It's a sign that we are living in the last days!


Just opened a can of Pepsi Cola made with Real Sugar to pour over ice and it sounded like a gun shot. The can of Pepsi Cola was stored at room temperature.

The lid popped out and felt as though it cut the palm of my hand, but it did not. Scared the crap out of me! Bar code serial number is 1200003067.

And the code on the bottom of the can is FEB 20, 1309AW051792. I have nine cans left.


Just had this happen. Last soda in the twelve pack.

Soda has been kept in 74-78 degree house and never shaken. Tried to pop the top and tab twisted so I thought no biggie and used a small rock that my daughter had brought into the house to push the top in. Top opened and it sounded like I shot a small pistol in my living room. When this happened the twisted pull tab shot off so hard and fast that it hit the ceiling and bounced across the room.

Scared the *** out of me. Funny thing is that soda bubbled up but not even a drop came over the edge on the top of the can. Ive opened pressurized cans in the past but never had one explode with the force to shoot the tab into the ceiling. Could have lost an eye if it shot outwards instead of upwards.

I realize it was my fault for opening it like this but jesus, Ive never seen one do this, just open and spew soda all over the place. Think Pepsi has an issue witgh over-pressurization that needs to be addressed


This happens to me today like a damn bomb scary not ok


PepsiCo whats wrong with your *** one just poped open like this and cut my girlfriend now i have to open her favorite drink bwcause shes afraid


06/29/2019 Chilled can of Pepsi One violently exploded when opening. Chilling and drinking soda for many years and never had an incident like this.

Continuing to clean the huge mess in my apartment, have to shampoo rugs and sofa, the Pepsi spray from the explosion is everywhere- ceiling, sofa, floors, electronics!

Could have been so much worse if I was holding the can close to my face. Am shaken up by this assault in my home and will be contacting Pepsi Monday morning with a complaint and to seek compensation for my trouble.


I Googled this because the same thing just happened to me. One of the 7.5 oz.


As soon as I touched the tab to open it, the can exploded. Like a gunshot, my ears are still ringing!


I have had 4 mountain dew ice cans blow up in the past week. One in my truck and 3 in the boat cooler.

Threw the cans away because i didnt think much of it.

But then now i wish i would have saved them. This is in South Carolina.


This happened to me literally 2 minutes ago for the 2nd time this summer


This has happened to me three times so far this spring and summer


This happened to me two days in a row with 7up...


This just happened to my husband on a Pepsi can. We are in Washington state.

Very dangerous he was almost cut by the tab popping outward. The soda was in our house and climate controlled.


yes today it happened to me at my brothers this is a VERY loud bad like a gun shot.. the piece that normally goes in popped out pitched my finger.

lucky it wasn't a little child could be a bad deal for Pepsi... Seattle wa.


Just happened to me went to open a can it explode in my hand left a indent and broke some blood vessels in my hand.


I to just had this happen and it cut my thumb ears ringing and hurting. Was room temperature and was going to pour over ice.

Sounded like a gun shot. I live in Jupiter Fl

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