I just took a real close look at the new diet pepsi 2 liter bottle design. (January 2009) For a few weeks I was confused.

It looks at first glance to say "pepsi 0 (zero)". Zero products, in my opinion, are to taste like they have real sugar in them. Unfortunately, I have avoided buying this new labeled bottle for that fact. To me it's very confusing to what I am buying.

(Zero vs. Die) I am more likely to buy diet coke that has a more familiar history to me in the labeling, for that fact. I hate the marketing confusion.

Stick with what works. You don't always have to remarket yourself.

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wow if the label got you confused dummy then im wondering what makes sense to you jeez :(


Since this is the first full week of January, I am curious how many weeks this month you had time to ponder this and why you felt the need to share it here.

Sometimes voicing you opinion on something like this is really needed. Just like reinventing yourself.

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