Went to drink my cold unopened pepsi.Took a big sip and had this nasty after taste of mold!

I did not brush my teeth prior to drinking, nor did I eat anything that would have caused this. Now I am worried that I am going to get sick. The pepsi does not smell like anything other than pepsi. It just has an after taste of mold!

I have never had this happen before, I drink pepsi often. I really do not want to have to stop drinking my special treat Pepsi but I am scared this is going to happen again.

It is gross!This can was out of a 12 pack and the expiration date is January 26th 2015.

Monetary Loss: $7.


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11/18/17 - MOLD TASTE

mmmm, sure is refreshing...

This is why I like Coca Cola, might not have the great cocaine taste it once used too, but sure doesn't have mold.


I just found mold inside under and around the bottle top of a Pepsi real sugar ! I am highly allergic and have been having trouble with allergies the last few weeks and now makes me wonder if it is this causing it ! Have contacted the company with no replies !

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1175216

I also get the moldy aftertaste. Similar to when I eat dried seal meat that's covered in green mold.

Middleton, Wisconsin, United States #1019530

it can taste like mold to me especially if I've recently chewed a piece of mint gum like Doublemint

Albertville, Alabama, United States #957348

here is how u can make sure without any *** arguements, http://www.prolabinc.com/instructions/mold.html

and yes it does taste like green mold. green mold wont hurt you but other things that can grow in the same process can.

Albertville, Alabama, United States #957344

i just had the same experience and asked google and i came here


Me too! After taste of mold on Pepsi Max


How do you know what mold taste like though?


Go too a dentist.

First Born Triplet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada #826968

Infact the last five reviews are about the exact same thing.

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