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Pepsi promised me a rebate coupon for a 12 pack that i had purchased and only got 10 useable cans. The other 2 were empty but still sealed, wait actually one had a puncture in the side.

I called the 800 # and was pleased to hear they were replacing the whole 12 pack!, But that was 6 months ago, and I honestly have not had the time or energy to call and *** again!!

Typical -"the check is in the mail line!!" I would not have expected that from such a big company who- I thoght was big on customer satisfaction- Well I'll tell you what this is one un satisfied customer.

If it was'nt for a past addiction to a certain substance, i would have switched soda, but that c word kinda starts me to think about my problem with my nose that I used to have!!

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Conneaut, Pennsylvania, United States #36817

Really?.......You're complaining about not getting a free 12-pack of Pepsi? What is that, about $4.00. I think you should focus your attention on other things that are going wrong in this world, besides a free 12-pack of carbonated beverage that you probably shouldn't be drinking anyway.......

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