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My name is Stephen Overfield, I currently do 300-600$ in business with pepsico a week, or 15,600$- 31,200$ a year. To a corporation like yours, probably small change, to me it is a nice chunk for a small business like mine.

WE DO NOT RECEIVE OUR ORDERS WHEN SPECIFIED! When pepsi neglects our hours of operation, 330-12am or 1am, we then go to the local grocer and spend more money on pepsi then the prices we get from you, costing us upwards of 50-100$ a month. I have talked to the delivery supervisor several time, his supervisor several times, and numerous call center employees. Tho, they are great on the phone and make me believe that the problem will be fixed, it never does.

Who needs to see this before the issue is resolved? Why does it have to go this far to where I am typing in frustration to a complaint website, why is the issue not resolved and who needs to see this before it gets fixed.

If i gave customer service full of lies and deception, i would be out of business.

Sincerely, Stephen a customer or so I thought i was.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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