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We have checked with the grocery store we frequent and they said Pepsi Max has been discontinued. Why on earth did you discontinue Pepsi Max?

Please bring it back. Pepsi Zero Sugar does not taste the same as Pepsi Max! My husband and I are very disappointed. Several people I have spoken with have asked the same question and said that Pepsi Max was the first diet drink product that didn't taste like a diet product.

If your sales were spiraling downward, it will do even worse with this Pepsi Zero Sugar!

Again, please bring Pepsi Max back. My husband and I do not like the Coke products as they do not have anywhere near the Pepsi product flavor.

Review about: Pepsi Max Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Discontinued Pepsi Max.

Preferred solution: Put Pepsi Max back on the shelves!.

I liked: I loved the old recip of pepsi max.

I didn't like: Pepsi zero sugar does not taste as good as pepsi max.

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Pepsi Max is number one we rate it 5 stars


Fed up with this crap. You make a great product and then it disappears.This is the second time Max has disappeared. The least you can do is notify the loyal customers.Kombucha just doesn't do it.


Please bring back the 24 pkg. Pepsi max,here in, bedford, Oldham County, Henry County Le Grange Kentucky, please please please.

Snohomish, Washington, United States #1338878

I'm so upset, I have few needs and wants


Bossier City, Louisiana, United States #1334395

Why has Pepsi Max been discontinued? I do not understand that you would discontinue a great product, I would Understand if the sales were not there, but that is obviously not the case, or if the product wasn't worth it's weight, that wasn't/isn't the case. Please bring it back!

Flint, Michigan, United States #1315998

The Diet Pepsi is not the same as Pepsi Max! It doesn't have Ginseng.

Whenever I went to buy Pepso Max on sale I couldn't find it as it was the first Pepsi product that flew off the shelves. Bad business move Pepsi!!

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #1313464

I read this in a article named Pepsi relaunches Diet Pepsi with Aspertaine, "In addition, Pepsi will rebrand its Pepsi Max soda. The diet cola will be renamed Pepsi Zero Sugar, but its recipe will not be altered.

The cosmetic change will more clearly indicate that it is a zero-calorie product, according to the company.

Pepsi Max is sweetened with aspartame and Ace-K." I like you however think the flavor is different. I have been drinking max since 2010.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1278567

Agree!!! I want my Max back!

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